"Trenton Bennett is a gem of a narrator--talented, professional, organized, reliable, and he goes above and beyond to help make the project a success. Pelican Book Group is blessed to have Trenton give voice to multiple audiobooks. If you're looking for a great narrator, I highly recommend Trenton Bennett."

Nicola Martinez, Pelican Book Group

"Trenton always seems to bring a level of believability and precision to his storytelling, including his work as the voice of Corbin Bernsen’s work."

David H. Lawrence XVII, VO

"I enjoyed your take on the characters so much, and it really did bring a lot to life for the first got me really excited about writing comedy again, and now I'm writing another comedy. Thank you very much!"

Benjamin R. Smith, author of the comedy, June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant

"I just finished listening to audio book Call to Love by Mary A. Felkins and wow!!! It was narrated by Trenton Bennett and his voice was dreamy. It was so soothing listening to him tell the story of Tracy and Tom. "

Shannon, GoodReads reviewer

"Having already read the book itself I was able to focus on the performance that Mister Bennett gives and I have to say it's excellent. Subtle inflections differentiate characters as much as accents do. One thing I especially love about the performance is... how do I say this, the humor in Mister Bennett's voice when the characters are amused feels real."

Kylan Daugherty, Audible listener

Trenton is a graduate of the ACX Master Class, and an affiliate and Pro Emeritus of VO

Book cover for The Oort Federation

The Oort Federation, by Robert G. Williscroft

(Science Fiction)
As the Oort Federation becomes a major force in the Solar System, Braxton Thorpe passes the Federation chairmanship to former US President John Butler. Thorpe’s group offers humanity virtual immortality, but Isidor Orlov and his Udachny Enterprises oppose their every move.

While terraforming Mars for more living space, the Mars Reds prove formidable as resisters. If the Asterian starship fighter pilots are released, will they align with Phoenix or Udachny, and who will develop the right FTL technology?

In this tense space adventure, Thorpe, his team, and Max the tabby cat travel to Proxima Centauri and beyond to the Aster system, 84 lightyears distant. Will Thorpe bring together humans and Asterians in their quest for intergalactic travel? Will long life prove more than mere humans can handle?

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

Available now from Audible and Amazon

Book cover for I Wish You Happiness

I Wish You Happiness, by Michael Wong and illustrated by Ann Baratashvili

(Children's Books, Descriptive Audio)
Narrated by Tina Wilson, "I Wish You Happiness" is a colorful illustrated children's book available on Amazon. I performed Descriptive Audio for the title on Imagination Videobooks.

Available now from Imagination Videobooks as a Descriptive Audiobook.

Loose Balloons, by Jill Clark

(Children's Books, Poetry)
Loose Balloons is a humorous children's book that will encourage laughing and the love of reading whether read by the child or when bonding with a loved one. The comical characters and scenarios will encourage your child's curiosity and sense of wonder.

Added K-5 Lesson Plans presented by the author in public and private schools, libraries, educational centers and art centers.
Available now from Amazon and coming soon as an audiobook to Audible and Apple iTunes.

Operation: Arctic Sting, by Robert G. Williscroft

(Military Adventure, Suspense)
As USS Teuthis Saturation Dive Team Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Mac McDowell leads his submarine team laying SOSUS arrays under the Arctic ice, they capture an abandoned fully automated Alfa-class Soviet sub. Piloting their prize through the ice pack to the US East Coast, they must evade or confront other Soviet subs trying to recover the sub — or sink it.

Breathtaking deep-sea clashes erupt, including hand-to-hand combat with Soviet Morskoy Spetsnaz divers under the ice. Too far from Teuthis to escape, the Americans are accosted by a five ton orca. Will Mac’s ship survive long enough to reach friendly waters, or will the men become just another meal for a deadly whale?
Available now from Audible and Amazon

Operation: Icebreaker, by Robert G. Williscroft

(Military Adventure, Suspense)
USS Teuthis Saturation Dive Team Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Mac McDowell is leading his submarine team on a mission to lay SOSUS arrays under the ice in the Arctic when they clash with a new Alfa-class highly automated Soviet submarine. Overwhelmed by mechanical problems, the Soviet crew abandons their sub near Pt. Barrow, Alaska. The Teuthis skipper launches DSRV-1 Mystic, so Mac and his crew can board the empty sub and gather intelligence. The arrival of an even more advanced Soviet sub leads to breathtaking underwater clashes with the specter of war looming.
Will the Soviets sink Mac and his crew to their watery graves, or will Teuthis safely return to Alaska where Mac's new love, Kate, anxiously awaits his return?
Available now from Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Call to Love, by Mary A. Felkins

(Romance, Genre Fiction)
Tracy Cassidy, a self-reliant ER nurse, has to choose between pursuing her dream job in another city or staying to help support her mother's faltering ministry.... Even if it means falling in love with the kind of man she said she'd never marry.
Tom Delaney, a hyper-vigilant cop and single father to an adolescent son, is happy to keep his wounded heart protected behind his Kevlar. But he can no longer deny his growing love for Tracy. Problem is, she's not looking to be the community's next cop widow. Like her mom.
In order to free his heart to answer God's call to love again, he'll need to dump the years of bitterness he's carried toward his ex and offer her forgiveness. And should the call come to pursue Tracy's heart, will he answer?
Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant, by Benjamin Smith

(Comedy, Modern Drama)
The great mystery of June Cleaver, her life, her marriage, and her family, has plagued mankind for generations. How could such a perfect woman exist, loving a husband, raising two sons, and cooking so immaculately while never appearing stressed, over-worked, fed-up, or unsatisfied? This absurdest comedy takes the familiar television matron into the 21st century to express the evolution of the American nuclear family from the past to the present, hitting some contemporary hot-button-topics along the way..
Available now from Amazon, Audible, and and iTunes.

The Daedalus Files: Seals Winged Insertion Command, by Robert. G. Williscroft

(Sci-Fi, Contemporary)

Can you drop from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with just a hardshell wingsuit? Navy SEAL Derek “Tiger” Baily and his SEALS Winged Insertion Command (SWIC) develop an experimental Gryphon hardshell wingsuit that can do just that. Eventually, when the presidential front-runner is seized by pirates for ransom, Baily’s six-man SWIC team must hurtle around the world, staging critical re-entry for a rescue, challenged to solve life-or-death problems with only seconds to spare. Can they survive? Will they effect the rescue? Join Tiger Baily through all four adventures in sci-fi master Robert G. Williscroft’s Daedalus series, now collected for the first time as The Daedalus Files: SEALS Winged Insertion Command (SWIC)..

A collection of a four-part series, all narrated by Trenton.

Available now from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Flowers from Afghanistan, by Suzy Parish

(Religious & Inspirational)
Weighed down by guilt following the death of his two-year-old son, Mac McCann accepts a year-long position training police officers in Afghanistan. Leaving his wife Sophie to grieve alone, he hopes the life-or-death distractions of his self-imposed exile will build a wall between him and his pain. As camaraderie builds between Mac and the men on base - including a local barber and his precocious little boy - Mac’s heart becomes invested in stories beyond his own tragedy and he learns he is not the only one running from loss. But when the hour of attack arrives, will he be able to see past his guilt to believe there’s still something - and someone - worth living for?
With touching details based on true events, Flowers from Afghanistan is a redemptive journey of healing, a chronicle of hope in crisis, and a testament to the faithfulness of God through it all.
Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Rust: the Novel, by Corbin Bernsen

(Inspirational Fiction)
This is an absorbing fiction adaptation of Corbin Bernsen's film Rust, which featured him in the starring role and director and is currently available for purchase and streaming online at Netflix and other online sites.
In the midst of a crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least expects it - his hometown.
James Moore is a former pastor who returns home to discover his childhood friend is implicated in the arson of a farmhouse and the murder of an entire family. Convinced of his friend's innocence, James sets out to find the truth. In the process he reclaims a relationship with his father, restores hope to a floundering congregation, and rediscovers his own lost faith. Rust is an uplifting tale about faith, family, and the powerful ties that bind a community.
Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes (iBooks)

Icicle - A Tensor Matrix

Icicle: A Tensor Matrix, by Robert G. Williscroft

(Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk)
Braxton Thorpe has discovered a threat to the entire solar system, but he has a problem: he's dead.
Frozen at death, he awakens to find himself uploaded into an electronic matrix. Exploring beyond the matrix and the larger GlobalNet, he discovers the Oort, a distributed electronic entity older than humanity, with an unnerving secret: Aliens wiped out nearly all life on Earth once, and are coming back to do it again.
The mathematical entity that is Thorpe has to find a way to convince humans of the threat, and in time to do something about it. But how, and what?
If you've read Niven's A World Out of Time or Taylor's We Are Legion, the opening of Icicle will only seem familiar. Buckle up for a wild ride; you ain't seen nothing.
Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes

The Starchild Trilogy, by Robert G. Williscroft

(Sci-Fi, Contemporary)
The Starchild Trilogy begins with building a Space Launch Loop enabling massive movement off Earth and subsequent settlement of Cislunar-Space, Mars, and beyond.
Slingshot is the story of the struggle behind constructing the largest machine ever built stretching between Baker and Jarvis Islands in the Equatorial Pacific, and how the men and women behind Slingshot overcome the project's physical, economic, and human obstacles.
In The Starchild Compact, a team exploring Saturn's moon Iapetus discovers it to be a derelict starship, and meets the Founders, remnants of an ancient, advanced race, the Ectarians, that arrived in the Solar System 150,000 years ago. Together, they create the Starchild Institute governed by a document they call the Starchild Compact to further develop and introduce Ectarian technology to the Solar System. Using Ectarian technology, they develop near lightspeed spacecraft, artificial wormholes, FTL starships, and human longevity.
As human colonies expand into the Solar System, they form a governing coalition: The Iapetus Federation. While a united Islam pursues a global Jihad that rages across the planet putting millions to the sword, the Federation enables an exodus from Earth using artificial wormholes. From hand-to-hand combat in the oceans, to battles on Earth's surface, to the challenge of living off-Earth and reaching for the stars, our heroes fight to survive and to expand humankind to the far reaches of the universe.

Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes

Christmas 'Couragement, by LoRee Peery

(Romance, Contemporary)
Liam once approved of helping others, but not anymore. He lost his mother due to a crazed street person, and he's hardened his heart. Now a successful photographer, he’s returned to set up shop in his hometown - directly across the courtyard from his sister’s best friend.
Zoe runs an outreach center and encourages the homeless and needy, especially at Christmas. Nursing a soft spot for Liam that started as a girlhood crush, she sets out to help him by creating her unique brand of encouragement cards. Her hope is to reignite the fire and love for Christmas and God that Liam once had. The cards and ornaments countdown to Christmas, but what if Liam doesn’t want to be one of Zoe’s projects? What happens when her crush grows into something more? What if they both receive more than expected?

Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes

Ransom in Rio, by Theresa Lynn Hall

(Modern Detective)
Private Investigator Braden McCoy wants nothing more than to finish out the week doing a little fishing from his boat. The ex-special ops vet enjoys his peaceful life and loves his new career. He's learned to put his past behind him and enjoy his blessings. Until a mourning redhead walks into his office and changes his plans.
Lexi Ramos always knew her family was dysfunctional. Until the sudden death of her brother, she never knew exactly how much. Consumed with questions surrounding his accident, she seeks the help of a private investigator.
What starts out as a murder investigation in Cozumel quickly crosses borders and escalates into a race against time to save them both from Brazilian kidnappers, who somehow know more about her family secrets than she does. Lexi soon realizes that life comes with a price.

Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes

First Noelle: A Second-Chance Christmas Romance, by Delia Latham

(Romance, Spiritual)
Noelle Joy stopped celebrating Christmas 10 years ago, when Trevor Holden skipped out on their long-planned Christmas Eve wedding. He destroyed her trust in men, crushed her belief in God, and left her cynical about love. Gone is the bright, cheery spirit of the girl she thinks of now as "the first Noelle". Stronger and savvier, the new Noelle would never be found waiting at the altar for a groom who didn't show.
When a famous-but-mysterious architect commissions her to decorate his mansion for a holiday event, Noelle finally returns to her hometown. Even as she finds an unexpected peace in facing ghosts from the past, her fiercely private client disturbs her. Michael Holliday is kind and considerate, but far too handsome...and hauntingly familiar.
Holliday didn't choose Noelle to make his home a Christmas wonderland by accident. She's the only one who can do the job he has in mind - and once she's in his mansion, he never wants to let her go. But he's hiding a secret that could destroy any chance of a relationship with the beautiful decorator. A false persona. A shattering secret. Can love break down these insurmountable walls?

Available now from Amazon / Audible and iTunes